Sales And Marketing

The RRH Sales & Revenue generating team leads the industry in their unique and innovative marketing strategies for each client hotel by not only driving revenue and exceeding sales goals, but by creating new and inventive ways to capture new business, develop stronger and more talented sales professionals and to provide guests with the highest-level of customer care. We understand today's ever shifting marketplace, the importance of social media, SEO, and "out of the box" philosophy when it comes to outperforming our competitors. Staying creative in our thinking and constantly gauging the marketplace for new and inventive ways to secure new customers is top of mind alongside extensive industry research, market segmentation, trends, cost-effective advertising, sales promotions and local PR/Community Relations efforts.
In addition, RRH strives to be a preferred brand partner. Our corporate team works closely with regional sales and operations teams to maximize these relationships and to assure that all stakeholders are not only aligned with overall objectives, but have a thorough understanding of the importance of the brand and its priority in whatever we pursue.

Our Unique Skill Set :
bulletUsing our Marketing, PR and in-depth knowledge of major brands, RRH can launch and oversee e-Commerce including SEO, PPC campaigns and web content. In addition, we regularly monitor website audits, social listening data, online channel content and graphics for market trend analysis and competitive intelligence.
bulletProvide ongoing research and review of Hotelligence, STR, sales strategy and productivity reports.
bulletAt RRH, we focus on top-line revenue and strategic planning. This includes strong vendor relationships, preferred pricing, and promotions including Food and Beverage turn-key programs, performance-based goals and rewards, group sales, front desk opportunities, etc.
bulletRecruitment and training is forefront and we work closely with Master Connection Associates to assure that not only are expert direct sales staff in place for cross-selling and lead referral results, but that the bench strength is just as effective.
bulletDevelopment and implementation of marketing and advertising campaigns and collateral to assure brand maximization and reputation monitoring and management.