Wellness & Spa

We provide consulting to owners and operators of hotels, resorts, retreats, day spas and a broad range of wellness centric businesses. Through our detailed approach we offer a business strategy that is tailored to optimise and position your product and brand. We tailor solutions to meet the needs of our clients and each project we work with, whether small or large is carefully nurtured to its full potential through our focus, collaboration and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Spa Consulting and Design
Spa Wellness has managed projects for some of Australasia's most prominent health spa's and About Owners in-depth knowledge of the luxury spa industry is supported by our passion for beautiful spa experiences. Our boutique service provides spa consulting and spa management services from conceptual development through to pre-opening and daily operations. We offer the complete approach to spa design, spa concepts, brand identity, spa menu design, business strategy, spa training and spa management. Whether styling a spa space or curating a bespoke spa menu, we are committed to your excellence.

When opening a new Spa or revamping an existing Spa our strategic approach includes:

bulletPre Opening & Project Management
bulletFeasibility Study
bulletBusiness Modelling & Financials
bulletConcept & Philosophy
bulletDesign of Facilities
bulletCrafting Spa & Wellness Programs & Services
bulletProcurement of Specialised Equipment
bulletPR and Marketing
bulletBranding, Graphic Design & Photography
bulletWebsite Design & Digital Marketing
bulletDeveloping Operational Structure
bulletImplementing Systems & Processes
bulletStaff Recruitment, Training and Development
bullet Spa Management

Specific Spa Services
The below listed services are for those Spa's seeking support and expertise in specific areas. Please contact us for a quote. We would love to help. Holistic Business REVIEW Working with the spa and yAbout Owner from 1 to 3 days provides us the opportunity to effectively assess your spa on all levels. We look at the challenges, the missed opportunities and your spas financial potential. Within this evaluation we also consider the current spa menu offering, spa design and aesthetics, marketing strategies, competitors and brand positioning, along with guest service standards, simple cost saving strategies and operational efficiency. We then present a report that details our findings along with our recommendations, solutions and suggested strategies so that your spa can thrive.
Great design, branding, content, website, printed collaterals and digital marketing is the key to standing out as an exceptional business. Your value becomes more obvious to potential customers. Your users have a better experience. And you increase sales, transaction yields and trust in your brand. Your website is a strategic investment in your business goals and vision for growth. Digital marketing and all channels employed need to be working together to achieve your business goals. And your design, branding and copywriting connects to the heart of your customer to communicate your value proposition. We understand the challenges of growing a business, which include finding customers, building revenue and reducing costs. As such, our complete approach to your sales and marketing strategy can include web design, branding, graphic design, copywriting and the most appropriate social media and marketing plans.
Spa design & Styling
The aesthetic appeal of your Spa is crucial, particularly as 93% of Spa goers choose a spa based on its facilities. With our deep understanding of the spa environment we provide a transformative design and styling service that considers your brand identity, the location, climate, desired ambience, optimal guest experience and operational flow. We start this process by truly understanding what your spa needs, we define your budget and then we pull together a conceptual styling brief and approximate costing. Then we proceed to the next stage of costing and project management, which may include renovation, FFE procurement, delivery and hands on styling. We transform your spa into a sanctuary your guests will feel drawn to and a space yAbout Owner can be proud of.
SPA MENUS & Collaterals
A well designed spa menu is your key sales and marketing tool, and attracting your ideal guest starts with copy that connects to the heart and cuts through the noise. We consider your brand identity and your typical guest demographic when penning the text for a spa menu, and our curated spa rituals embrace a holistic philosophy for mind, body and soul. To make your spa menu stand out and resonate with a wider audience, the copy and design requires clarity and a dash of panache. This simple investment in a well designed spa menu can have your business thriving immediately.
Investing in a spa spy is a crucial process in grooming your Spa and team for winning the most highly coveted spa and travel awards. With this service we visit the Spa as a mystery guest and evaluate the quality of your spa, services and team using our detailed guest journey evaluation and our spa expertise. In the strictest confidence and with your specific criteria in mind, we provide a comprehensive report that reviews the entire spa journey from making an appointment, right through the experience and onto the farewell. The spa facilities and overall ambience are also measured within this report so that you have a complete picture of guest satisfaction and areas for growth.
Due to the tremendous growth within the spa industry, we often see responsible spa therapists promoted into spa management positions prior to gaining any real training or experience in business and leadership. As such, a new spa manager is often poorly equipped to understand and execute the key deliverables required of the role, which in turn affects the potential profitability of your spa. Our spa consultants support the professional development of your spa manager so that your business can thrive. We work with you by making periodic visits to the spa and scheduling weekly calls to provide the spa manager with guidance and direction to meet KPIs and accountabilities. This service is an investment in your overall profitability and teams success.
Offering recruitment solutions to the spa and wellness industry, our service encompasses bespoke recruitment campaigns specific to your business, job specifications, talent sourcing and advertising, pre-screening and shortlisting process, competency based interviewing, reference checking, personality profiling and team dimensions. We can also undertake a training needs analysis to discover any gaps that need to be developed to meet induction standards. When recruiting for an entire pre-opening team we customise a development program and service excellence standards training to stage your opening for ultimate success.