Revenue Management

Here, we understand the importance of the highest profitable revenue outcomes and strong market share and recognize that RRH and our partners are a single team with a common goal. We strongly believe in a collaborative approach, openly encouraging communication of knowledge, experience and best practices. Because of this, our award winning revenue management team has pioneered innovative approaches to include dynamic pricing and advanced inventory capabilities increasing ROI, eCommerce response rates and RevPAR contributions at each hotel.

In addition, we know one strategy doesn't fit everyone. Our vast experience allows us the ability to quickly solve problems that arise, relying on a huge arsenal of tactics to create something uniquely effective for any situation or marketplace. We support the distinctive issues and revenue requirements of each client hotel individually, identifying any weaknesses and creating opportunity, developing critical analysis to create demand, securing market share and providing positive outcomes.

Our Revenue Specialties:
bulletRevenue management strategy and implementation along with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual budgeting and forecasting tools.
bulletDisplacement analysis and profitability, as well as value assessments to assist in evaluating our competition's strengths and potential opportunities.
bulletMonitoring and developing pricing strategies by market segment.
bulletOptimizing revenue streams through market mix manipulation and hotel segmentation reports to track and predict trends by market segment.
bulletCritical analysis of strategy, room statistics, and demand factors.
bulletSuccessful partnerships with various brand management focusing on revenue management for hire programs, resources, and E-commerce marketing.
bulletConducting weekly detailed revenue management meetings to direct pricing, distribution channels, competitive set pricing review, transient and group pace.